In response to the increasing number of complaints following the Maintenance of ’18, Sportsbet is trying a new angle: Which NSW state hospital training program will be unaccredited next?

After a recent string of training accreditations being stripped due to an ingrained culture of bullying in the NSW Health System, the company has capitalised on a growing move to more closely examine working conditions of junior doctors.

The first to go was Westmead Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit after allegations of bullying of junior and trainee doctors. Outcomes of this move, other than worsening the workloads of junior and senior doctors alike in one of the state’s largest ICU’s for critically ill patients, remain to be seen. Next to fall was Sydney’s prestigious Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Cardiothoracic Unit which boasted NSW’s first open heart surgery but will no longer be accredited to train new heart surgeons until 2020 due to endemic issues with bullying.

Things do not fare well for the rest of the system as the 2018 NSW Hospital Health Check survey of junior doctors revealed Westmead and Wollongong Hospitals scored an F for wellbeing, the only other thing a hospital is meant to do well after taking care of its patients. The survey does however give would-be punters the ability to make more informed bets.

“If I can’t get my heart surgery, I might as well make some money out of it” said one patient turned punter.

“Does it count as match-fixing if I bully my juniors until the department is stripped of its title?” asked a senior doctor.

It’s a savvy business move by Sportsbet who commented, “We’re looking to diversify our market but at the same time retain our loyal customers. RM’s on the racetrack, RM’s on the wards, it’s all a common thread.”

One thing is assured, with an array of famous options for problem gamblers such as The Melbourne Cup and ‘the next name of the Pope’ (Francis at $4.33, to Paddy Power at $501), SportsBet are dedicated to demonstrating their pedigree and relevance.

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