Medical faculties around NSW have started worrying at the worsening wellbeing of their medical students. Our investigation at The Jugular has revealed the source of this epidemic is in fact the increasing bullying medical students face from senior doctors. Whilst it appears junior doctors were once the prime targets, with hospitals now being stripped of accreditation training, their absence has created a hole that needs to be filled.

Speaking to a final year, who wished to remain anonymous, they tearfully recounted, “I accidentally got my consultant’s coffee order wrong, so they started accusing me of sabotaging the team. I tried to point out I got P+ for teamwork in my portfolio but they just stormed off.”

Another student recalled their experience in operating theatres, “Calling the fibula the fibia probably wasn’t one of my greatest moments. Making a 100m dash to rival Usain Bolt when the ortho surgeon shouted at me to get out definitely was though.”

When various heads of departments were questioned, The Jugular received remarkably similar responses along the lines of, “back in my day… tougher skins… disappointments… bullying??? Never heard of it.”

It appears however that the recent Hospital Health Check survey results, where more than 60% of hospitals received a D or F grade regarding junior doctors’ wellbeing would beg to differ.

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