“It’s got nothing to do with saving money.”

Students of rural clinical schools have reacted with scepticism to claims that “Anatomy isn’t important,” made by a prominent Sydney based medical faculty.

“The way we see it, they’re all going to be rural GPs anyway,” a spokesman of the university has said. “It all comes down to self-directed learning”.

Justifiably, no cadaveric teaching is offered at rural campuses and many students spend the final four years of their training without any formal teaching at all.

“These students will have access to a state of the art Anatomage table which provides cutting edge education at Runescape-era resolution,” the Sydney-based researcher explained. “I would have gotten by just fine for my two JMO years back in the 1970s. Kids today expect too much.”

Cadaveric anatomy teaching for rural third years was ceased in 2015. Many students are confused as to why something resembling an air hockey table sits unused in a back room of most rural clinical schools.

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