A group of first year female students were reportedly quite uncomfortable after their scenario group class last Thursday. The Jugular contacted various members of the class to follow up the situation. Cathy Jung, 17, alleged that, during a conversation about female fertility, the facilitator stopped the class to encourage the girls to have babies as soon as possible.

“It wasn’t anything bad,” Miss Jung told us. She seemed unsure. “It was just kind of weird…I don’t know.”

“This is the best time for you girls to be getting pregnant,” the facilitator, age 61, is reported to have said. “I don’t know why you all wait so long to have babies nowadays. You’re very fertile at this age.”

According to our polling of both the males and females, the oldest class member is currently 20 and all class members are at least $60 000 in debt due to their full time medical degree.

“Which of you girls wants to have kids?” the facilitator is said to have asked. When a few of the female class members raised their hands, he encouraged them to “not wait for much longer than after you’re 24. Women’s careers are getting in the way and they’re having kids 10 years later than before. Bad decision.”

The Jugular asked John Newland, 18, about the incident. “I want kids too but, like, yeah…Kinda felt left out of the conversation.”

Of the class members polled, 12 out of 13 still live with or are financially dependent on their parents, and all of them reported to have accidentally killed a plant in the past year by forgetting to water it.

“In my opinion,” John said, “until I can stop bumping head-first into clear glass doors, I shouldn’t be allowed to have kids.”

The Jugular reached out to the facilitator to ask him if he indeed had a uterus which entitled him to an opinion on the subject of motherhood. We received no response.

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