By Brian Feng, Edited by Jennifer Qian

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This table makes me question why Sutherland campus exists. Like…why? Does it exist as a hole for the damned, for those whose stars did not align? Consistent with the metaphysical claim that good cannot exist without evil, I guess popularity cannot exist without unpopularity. 

Regardless, this uneven spread of preferences has me worried about the allocations coming out. Mainly the chances of me going to Sutho. A 2-hour one-way trip, 4-hour round (yes, I’m good at maths). That logically leads to a contemplation of moving out. 

For those of us still living at home, we’ve all thought of it, dare I say crave it. We idealise the character development this arc will bring. Learn how to iron, for those who haven’t ironed a shirt before. Learn how to cook, for those who haven’t gone past instant noodles with eggs. Manage your time and stop overdosing on energy drinks the night before IAs due. But my pessimism says otherwise.

Making pasta for dinner? Could be delicious. Most likely burnt. 

Managing my time? Naughty, naughty Netflix-san do be seducing me ☹

Well, but there’s also the freedom and independence aspect. You’re unlocking a new area on the world map, where you don’t have to sit down for dinner at 6:30 sharp or risk doubts towards your filial piety. You can invite whoever over and do whatever you want. Party at yours? Great idea for socialising. But one too many and it could be leaning towards alcoholism. Three months later I could be up 7kg in fat from takeaway (they do say alcohol is the most energy dense nutrient), with cholesterol levels high enough to feel heart pain and migrating embolisms. Give me a few more weeks and I’ll start scooping peanut butter out of the jar. Not with a spoon, no no. My hands. We must be faithful to our God-given tools.

It’s a blind gamble, but one where you can only blame yourself if you lose. As young adults, we are eager to grow up and clasp on these chains of maturity to prove to everyone and ourselves that we are capable. Even if we break our backs trying to lift this weight, there may not be anyone around to share our burdens. It sucks to be alone when you’re sick. It’s lonely to come back to a dark house after a tiring day. Sometimes, it feels better to have someone nagging at you. There will be lows, but that’s part of life. 

Like how ocean waves can flow by gently or break apart into violent froths, life has its own ebb and flows. The push and pull of these motions plants the seeds of growth, which can wilt or sprout into a brilliant bloom. Pushed by our environments, ready or not, moving out is a step we’ll eventually take, and it is the challenges that it brings us that inspires maturity. All we can do is try our best, reflect and persist. Maybe that burnt pasta, given enough time, YouTube videos and oil will turn out to be something that we can take a Insta photo of.

With all that said, hopefully the karma associated with writing this article has led the suburb of Caringbah far away from my life. Best of luck to everyone with their preferences!

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