In breaking news, MedFac has announced a typing test added to final year exams in widespread recognition of the most critical skill required for a successful internship. With writing discharge summaries and notes during ward rounds being the main duties of an intern, Faculty has at last recognised that graduates are entirely unequipped for their internship as glorified secretaries.

“Look, in plain talk the steth is just for show. They’ll be saying it’s multidrug-resistant TB when it’s really just the flu,” a Faculty spokesperson stated.

Consultants have lauded the move, expressing their satisfaction with Faculty’s long-awaited change.

“Back in my day, we’d have the notes from the round written up before our bosses even started the round. The interns these days…too soft…I’ll be near the end of my round and they’ll still be typing HSDNM, ASNT for the first patient of the day.”

We asked the interns in question for comment, but all we heard we heard were keys typing. The sixth years themselves were appreciative of the move and MedFac’s recognition of the true reality of being an intern.

“Yeah look, once on my gastro term the consultant asked me to do the notes and instead of ‘patient due discharge’, I mistyped ‘patient die discharge’. Safe to say boss wasn’t happy.”

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