By Thy Pham, Edited by Nipuni Hapangama

It’s one hour before eMed portfolio submissions are due, and I’m ready to submit my sophisticated piece of work.  I’ve outlined all my grad caps, taking care to use my one P- to portray my gruelling journey towards straight P+’s. I add in quotes from my peers which describe me as a “reflective practitioner…effective communicator.” Then, I read it over once more.

And it’s done. I sit back, relax, bask in the blue light emitting from my computer.

MEDFAC won’t see this coming, surely not. An artfully arranged piece dictating my exploits against the background of COVID-19. A story detailing my sincere struggle of wearing a mask, of being denied the opportunity to flex my dazzling smile and chiselled jawline.  

Original. Sublime. Pure academia. I submit it and focus my attention on a round of Valorant.

Upon waking up the next day, I immediately smother my Littmann Classic III in kisses. As I palpate my carotid and radial pulses I am reminded of the pure excellence running through my arteries.

Suddenly, my phone dings and I see an email titled eMed Portfolio: Important Information for Phase 1 Students.

Dear Phase 1 Students,

We hope that you have been keeping safe and well and that you have had a good start to Health Maintenance A. The submission deadline for the eMed Portfolio was yesterday. Most students have submitted it on time, however we noticed an overwhelming amount of submissions heavily focused on COVID-19 and its impact.

We understand that enduring COVID-19 has been at the forefront of our faculty and students’ experiences. However, we would like to gently remind students that their portfolio is called an eMed Portfolio, not a COVID-19 portfolio.

Moving forward, we have made the decision to ban usage of the words: “COVID-19”, “corona” and “coronavirus” in the eMed Portfolio. Students now have a 1-week extension to revise their eMed Portfolio submissions.

Best Wishes,
Garen Kibson

Enraged? Destroyed? Utterly gutted? There are no words to describe this indescribable emotion in me. 

With tears in my eyes, I turn to my submission and weep.

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