By Jay Patel; Edited by Yaron Gu

He channelled his inner Naruto as his feet kissed the cool, concrete pavements of Central Station’s south concourse. Arms stretched out behind him, Wally detonated from the dreary morning crowds just as the sliding doors of the light rail squeezed shut behind him. With his head up and chin held high, he glanced around at the similarly uninteresting sea of unfamiliar faces that filled the seats of the light rail. With a final breath of release, he gracefully sat upon his throne of a green COVID-safe tick on the seat. Yep, that’s right. He was the boss.

Little did he know that in all that hurry, Wally had gotten on the wrong light rail. 20 minutes later, the automated announcer murmured the words UNSW “ANZAC Parade.” Wally sniggered at the supposed mistake, only to find a whole new world as he disembarked the carriage. 

“Wait what, this isn’t UNSW? Yeah, nah. No way they could renovate this much during COVID.” Wally concludes this is probably some other random uni, his staunch denial causing him to ignore the literal “UNSW” signs plastered across the platform.  The distinctively yellow clique of lanyard wearing students approached Wally: “Hey, you should join ….” At this moment, Wally had no doubt in his mind that he was at UNSW.

Wally fumbled with Google Maps as he rushed along to Wallace Wurth to make his SG. On his way, he saw a sign saying “Roundhouse”. He’d probably heard that name a thousand times, always thinking it was some inside joke, yet before him stood quite literally a ‘round house’.  Wally laboured up, staircase after staircase, wading through more people in yellow shirts. He glanced in awe at all the buildings on his journey, as if he was a kid staring upwards at the jumping colours of Times Square.

Wally finally made it to his SG, yearning to announce this breathtaking discovery to his fellow Meddies. A world outside of High Street and Wallace Wurth. A whole other side of campus. But as Wally shared the news, he got nothing but a few dismissive sniggers.

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