Netflix has done it again. Marie Kondo’s ‘KonMari’ way of living has taken over the world, even reaching the hot messes plaguing our medical community. Our team met up with Yudai Aidai, a first-year medical student seen sporting a UNSW Medicine name badge and who feverishly claims to have seen the light after throwing away $1000 worth of medical textbooks.

“After watching Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix, I really began to muse what my ‘spark joys’ were,” said Mr Aidai, “and after flicking through all of the textbooks I bought at the beginning of the year, these simply had to be the first to go.”

When pressed about what did indeed spark joy in him, we were granted exclusive access to his residence inside an on-campus college.

Upon entering the premises at the behest of our gracious host, Marie Kondo’s influence was pervasive throughout the college. On the way to Mr Aidai’s room, we interrupted what seemed to be another student praying in the common room. Devoutly whispered thank you’s were heard to each medical textbook this student had owned, in true KonMari style.

At Aidai’s humble abode, our attention was immediately drawn to the walls covered entirely with medical memes, including the Jugular’s recent original on UNSW professors. There were empty beer bottles laid thoughtfully along the window sill, which bore evidence to his drinking habits that were well above college consumption standards. When asked for a comment on these, he simply replied “I’m blessed, considering my Asian genetics. I down sake more than rice!”

“What sparks joy for me,” he added while struggling to open the 17 zippers of his Avant backpack to reveal a lab coat and three sharpies, “are these, which I bought for Pubcrawl tonight. The backpack wasn’t a freebie this year so it’s pretty medflex and hypebeast!” When questioned about the light blue surgical scrubs, neatly folded on his bed, Mr Aidai replied, “These are my pyjamas, but I sometimes pair it with my R.M.’s when I need to go to Coles.”

When pressed further about how he will study without his previously beloved textbooks, he replied that “medical memes are all over Facebook” and was confident that this was sufficient for him to pass.

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