The Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope not enough of a flex for you? 

Tired of how AirPods used to be the ultimate symbol of wealth, but now everyone and their mother has one? 

Annoyed that you can’t Bluetooth connect your AirPods to your steth? 

Still want that same early AirPods superiority, but in a clinical setting?

Introducing the all-new AirSteths…

Cordless. Revolutionary. Brilliant. Show-stopping. Totally unique.

For those who want to differentiate themselves from the plebeians from the first glance.

Fashionable AND multipurpose, AirSteths can be used during hospital hours (impress your patients with your immeasurable wealth, style and up-to-dateness!) and outside hospital too (just hold the diaphragm close to your phone speakers and voilà! You’re flexing WHILE listening to those lectures you’ve been putting off for weeks).

For the price of $9999*, get your AirSteths now at 1-800-FLEX-5555!

*Some might call AirSteths overpriced, but everyone knows that the steeper the price tag, the bigger the flex.

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