By Jacky Jiang

“What a time to be alive!” seems to be the shared sentiment amidst these truly unprecedented times. It has now been three weeks since the fateful transition to online learning. Just last week, we provided you with an EXCLUSIVE, unfiltered insight into the daily routine of a second year medical student ( This week we caught up with three more students on Collaborate Ultra to see how they were faring.

In his interview with the Jugular, first-year Ivan Hoze gave us his thoughts on social distancing.

“Brooo, so I was mad tuning this girl yeah, this real baddie, I was about to get INS you know. And then out of nowhere this damn coronavirus shows up and decides to be the biggest cockblock alive. Almost got me down, no cap ahaha.”

Q: So how have you adapted to these new social distancing rules?

“In times like these you gotta be innovative you feel me? I left her some flowers in front of her house in Animal Crossing yesterday, I reckon she’s head over heels by now ahaha,” said Ivan, completely oblivious to the fact that she had been seen online with another guy (according to our undercover investigations).

“How will I get the proper clinical exposure I need to supplement my medical education?” exclaimed another first year, Tya Hahd, with her brand new burgundy Littmann Classic III around her neck. We asked for Tya’s thoughts on the possible workforce shortages amidst the ever-increasingly dire situation.

“I’ve been practising identifying skin lesions on my mum everyday since quarantine started. I’m READY. When the time comes, put me on the front lines; those patients, they need me. I was born for this.”

Second year Lewis Err, or as he prefers to go by, xHandsomeBoy69x, echoed Hahd’s words.

“Yeah, I really was born for this kinda lifestyle,” he mumbled, the reflection of his multi-colour LED backlit mechanical keyboard flickering upon his glasses, in his otherwise dark room. We could also make out a suspicious looking jar of apple juice in the background.

Q: How has the transition to online classes affected your everyday life?

“It’s been good man, staying inside and working from the comfort of my DXRacer gaming chair,” he replied, while grabbing another pack of chips from a seemingly endless supply.

When asked if he had anything else to add, he responded, “Nah,” accompanied by a furious clatter of mouse clicks. His gaze was so intently fixed onto his main screen, we doubt he even noticed that we hung up on him.

As you can see, our students seem to be putting on a brave, albeit pixelated, face in these trying times, with coping strategies varying in efficacy.

Despite the worsening situation and rising uncertainty, there is one thing you can be sure of: The Jugular team will be on the case, providing the latest updates straight from the source.

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