By Jay Patel; Edited by Zoe Wei

1) The one with conveniently terrible internet

This person is never seen with their camera on during tutorials or scenario groups. Turning their microphone on takes ages, and when they do, they either sound like a distressed kitten or Darth Vader. Although they undoubtedly have it tough, it’s hard not to envy how this person has harnessed their poor connection as the ultimate excuse to avoid answering questions. Especially when they have to “drop out and have to reconnect” every time they get called upon to answer.

2) The enthusiastic one

Love em or hate em, every tutorial/scenario group has one of these people. This person single-handedly carries the chat. Occasionally, they even crack jokes with the facilitator. By now, you should be familiar with the awkward silence when entering breakout rooms, as everyone is muted and has their cameras off. If you’re consistently the first to break this silence, chances are you are this type of student. Bonus points if you’re always the one who creates the Google Doc.

3) The sleepy one

This person has usually just woken up, and enjoys most lessons from the comfort of their bed. They embrace the silence during breakout groups. In the rare instance when forced to turn on their camera, they can be seen yawning every 10 seconds. Their eyes are bloodshot red. If you fit most of these criteria, and also struggle to get through class without a cup of coffee, then you are definitely this type of student.

4) Mr. Clutch

Whilst most are behind content to some degree, this person is truly lost. This is no surprise, since they’ve dedicated their lockdown to gaming and/or trading crypto. When in breakout rooms, this person does not contribute much. Yet, when it’s time to present to the class, they will somehow manage to provide the most convincing explanations on the spot. You could give this person an almost empty slide on a topic they barely understand, but they’d still sell it like they’re Steve Jobs presenting the original iPhone. 

5) Ms. Hectic Background

This is your typical online student with a twist. Like most others, they log onto class, stay mostly quiet and pop an occasional “thumbs up” or “thank you” in the chat to the facilitator. However, every time this person switches on their microphone, something seems to happen in the background. Maybe their dog starts barking. Mum shouts in the background. Neighbour starts mowing their lawn. Plane flies over their home. Little brother invades the room. It’s no surprise that this person tries especially hard to avoid turning their microphone or camera on.

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