By Sarah Lin; Edited by Katerina Theocharus

Recently, the Jugular had the honour of reviewing an exemplary reflection piece provided by a fellow med student, who claims that her honesty earned her a P+ in her reflective practitioner grad cap. “I’d never actually considered being honest in a reflection before,” the student ways, “but to be honest, it just kinda happened.  I was reading about the value of veracity on the Ethics Cube, and how you should always be truthful, like the time I confessed to my sister I used her toothbrush to clean the toilet after she ripped up my BTS posters. Then the next thing I knew, I was coming clean with MedFac…”

The Jugular reports an EXCLUSIVE extract from this frightfully honest reflection below.


To my dear marker,

I encountered various obstacles while completing this assignment, including problems with fulfilling the word count, problems with plagiarism, and problems with the status of my life and of my potentially straight-up doomed medical career. However, I am very proud to have  leaped over these hurdles with such elegance and speed, I may as well be an Olympic hurdler. I always back up my statements with evidence (I’m all about credibility), so as an example- as I wrote this reflection in the 5 minutes before submission, I was able to successfully identify my heart rhythm as being sinus tachycardia, and I felt each individual neuron firing action potentials inside my hollow and spacious cranial cavity. This reinforced for me how medical knowledge learnt in lectures can be applied in practical contexts, and how opportunistic medical learning opportunities should always be seized.

My time management skills were particularly honed in this assignment. There is not ONE minute, ONE second, ONE millisecond that I have wasted ever since I started the assignment 12 hours before submission, and I submitted at 8:59:59’ am precisely. I believe this is due to me finally mastering the art of procrastination that I have practised throughout my past assignments, implemented in this very assignment you are marking right now.

Moreover, my research for this assignment was extensive and thorough. My most valuable resource was discovered on Quora, provided by Dr Big Brainz who obtained his MD from the internationally-recognised University of Zoom in 2020. Notably, his post had 269 views and a solid 10 likes, rendering it a reliable peer-reviewed source. I further collected some facts and statistics from Google’s “I’m feeling curious” to include in my writing, and cross-checked against critically-acclaimed sources like Google Books and Google Images.

After 12 hours of uninterrupted writing, I faced a final challenge when submitting my draft to Turnitin. My draft had a plagiarism count of 99%. To overcome this, I self-diagnosed myself with retrograde amnesia and selectively forgot all about it…wait, remind me of what I was saying again? Oh right, next time I will just selectively forget about the assignment altogether.

In my next assignment, I will probably not start any earlier and leave it last minute again. This will help me develop my flexibility and my adaptability to time constraints, which are critical skills required for my future clinical practice. I want to also improve my teamwork skills, and what better way to start than by acknowledging the support of my scenario group, my lecturers, my friends, my parents, my cat, and finally my Kpop oppas <3 uwu

Okay, that’s exactly 1800 words, I can stop now.

Thank you for skimming through this reflection, and I anticipate your 2-word feedback!

Kind regards, and keep rockin’
Honey Stye (Jimin’s wife)

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