The overwhelming number of flyers offering fertility preservation services stuck on the inside of female bathroom stalls has left 6th year medical student Priya Singh, 24, feeling vaguely judged.

“Last time I went home, my mum made a passing comment about being a grandmother one day,” Miss Singh reported. “So there’s already that pressure. I don’t need to be reminded that my buns are cooking while I’m on the can.”

Already in her final year of medical school, Miss Singh admitted she’s anxious about sticking to her ideal life timeline, adding that by 24 she should have already met her future husband. As of yet, she remains behind schedule on this front.

“I can think about kids when I’ve finished my traineeship. So, like, my mid-30s. When my fertility is waning…I might just take one of these,” she added, ripping a contact details slip from the bottom of the flyer. She attempted to shove the slip into her pocket, only to realise she was wearing one of those horrendous women’s jackets with fake pockets. “Isn’t anything easier for women?!” she asked, proceeding to swear quite profusely.

“You know what, there’s always adoption,” Miss Singh said, then she threw the contact slip in the bin and ended the interview. Some of her male peers standing nearby were overheard deliberating whether or not to grow a moustache. It seemed a difficult decision.

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